Double Knit Doctor Who Scarf

The scarf is knitted using the double knitting technique to create a reversible, double-sided stockinette scarf. Unlike knitting in the round, the scarf has two distinct sides and is not an open tube because the yarn is moved from one side to the other to knit the colourwork designs. … More Double Knit Doctor Who Scarf


Wire Wrapped Bloodstone Pendant

This was a bithday present for my very patient sister, it was over a year late – oops. It was only my second proper wire wrapping project so I had to learn as I went along. I wanted a very organic, art nouveau influence in this piece and I think that has worked well. … More Wire Wrapped Bloodstone Pendant

Platinum Atomic Emission Spectrum Scarf

This is really all my friend Daniela’s fault – a year ago she posted a link to Becky Stern’s Emission spectrum scarves and the Atomic Spectra Scarf Pattern Generator and it was love at first sight. As my little brother is an inorganic chemist named Peter with the initials PT, I knew I wanted to make him the Platinum emission spectrum scarf for Christmas. I decided to add a block with the chemical symbol for Platinum at one end of the scarf. … More Platinum Atomic Emission Spectrum Scarf