Wire Wrapped Bloodstone Pendant

This is a birthday present for my very patient sister, it was over a year late but I hope it is worth the wait. It was only my second proper wire wrapping project so I had to learn as I went along. While there are a lot of images of wire wrapped jewellery around, I found it difficult to find good tutorials so I had to work some of it out as I went along. I’m sure that experts would probably look at my methods of wiring it all together and cry a little inside but it seems fairly sturdy and didn’t scratch me when I tried it on.

The design

I wanted a very organic, art nouveau influence in this piece and I think that has come through in the final design. The design evolved as I tried things and found better methods and solutions to problems. I did initially have wire hoops at the top and bottom (see left pic below) to keep the cabachon in position but I found they got in the way and by the time I had wired it all together it didn’t need them for stability (they were awkward to remove). But the basic shape stayed true to the original design, with the bail made up of two wrapped sections which are twisted in opposite directions around the cabachon.

I chose a large bloodstone cabachon for this project as my sister’s birthstone is bloodstone. She also loves copper and I thought the colour combination would work well. I think I’m going to coat it to prevent the copper from oxidising over time and stop my sister turning green. Annoyingly there is a slight crack/craze in the cabachon but it is only a hairline so it is fine.

The finished pendant

There are a few imperfections in this pendant but that is the way with handmade objects, but they are much more noticable in photographs than in person anyway. I hope my sister will love her new pendant as much as I do, these things have to be a labour of love. I plan to make a pendant for myself next, I just have to choose between fluorite, moonstone, snowflake obsidian, red jasper and agate…



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