My sewing machine is a Janome 2015a. It is an entry level machine that has useful things like a 4-step button hole, 14 stitch options including stretch stitches and overcasting etc. It came with a standard zigzag foot, a blind hem foot, a zipper foot and a sliding buttonhole foot. The only additions I have made so far are an overcast foot and an even feed/walking foot (both soooo worth the money). I only bent one needle the first time I used the overcast foot with the wrong stitch program but that’s how you learn. Hopefully I can show that you don’t need a super fancy sewing machine to make successful projects (I’m getting better at making things successfully, I think).

However, at this early stage, my favourite piece of sewing equipment is my seam ripper. Being a newbie and a perfectionist leads to many, many unpicked seams (and a few button holes to open as I’m still scared of zips but will soon give them a go).


Possibly my favourite possessions in all the world are my Knit Pro interchangeable circular needles. I actually have 2 sets as my amazing aunt Little Blue Butterfly gave me the beautifully coloured wooden Symfonie 3.5-8 mm set and they are brilliant, so I got a 4-10 mm set for chunky knitting (also 1 set of 4-6mm needles is just not enough when you like to knit multiple projects). I like the fact that you can buy extra cables or pairs of Symfonie needles (I got a 3.25 mm pair for socks and replaced the 4 mm pair I kneeled on). I use them for pretty much all my knitting as I find knitting on interchangeables is easier than with single pointed needles with my left-handed continental knit stitch and icelandic pearl stitch or sometimes a weird thrown pearl stitch. I also have various DPNs in metal and bamboo which I use for socks and gloves etc, and a range of single pointed straight needles.


I’d like to say I have really fancy things for crochet but I just use a set of 22 metal hooks ranging from 0.6-6.5 mm. I think I’ve only ever used the 0.6mm hook for jewellery making and fixing super fine socks though…